Pyrolysis GC-MS of unknown samples, method development and characterization

22.April 2020 - 10:00 Uhr


Pyrolysis GC-MS analysis of polymeric materials – Background and practical aspects with respect to method development

Pyrolysis GC often deals with the characterization of unknown samples. When the sample is unknown, however, it can be challenging to select appropriate instrument set-up and method parameter starting points. In this online seminar, useful information is presented on using pyrolysis GC-MS to identify polymeric materials and how approach method development in the most efficient manner.

Pyrolysis GC-MS of polymeric materials – Identification of polymer components from a complex pyrolysate mixture using a database approach

Pyrolysis of polymeric materials as a sample introduction technique for gas chromatography most often results in complex chromatograms showing the polymer fragmentation. If the sample itself is a mixture of materials, however, the resulting chromatogram is even more complex. Examples range from simple co-polymers with different additives and impurities to highly complex environmental samples with microplastics content. In more complex cases simple mass spectral identification via library comparison will be of limited use. A new peak based data base approach can help provide information to help identity polymer materials in complex samples.