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Con sus oficinas en Alemania, Estados Unidos, Japón y Suiza, así como una gran cantidad de distribuidores cuidadosamente seleccionados y entrenados en 70 países, GERSTEL se encuentra presente en todo el mundo.

  • La revista GERSTEL Solutions worldwide se publica regularmente y se distribuye a nivel internacional con el objetivo de informar a la gran cantidad de usuarios de equipos GERSTEL alrededor del globo acerca de productos nuevos, novedades, aplicaciones y tendencias.

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GERSTEL Solutions worldwide No. 17

Tattoo Ink: A Closer Look

The time when only groups on the margins of society had tattoos is over and long gone. Nowadays, tattoos are displayed prominently by respected members of society and not just sports stars, artists and musicians. But what happens if your personal tastes change and the tattoo no longer fits your life style or your next career move? It may not be without risk to have a tattoo removed. For their research into byproducts of tattoo laser removal, a group of prominent scientists relied on GERSTEL thermal desorption solutions.

Apart from skin deep investigations, the 17th issue of the magazine offers several interesting reports on application areas in which GERSTEL instruments and -systems are being used. Our Dried Blood Spot Autosampler (DBS A), for example, was used for enhanced performance in doping analysis laboratories.

The above examples may count as self-inflicted damage unlike environmental impact and food safety. Reassuringly, more monitoring of air, water, food, and consumer products than ever before is going on. And GERSTEL is glad to lend a helping hand: A dual tower MPS automates and speeds up the determination of disinfection byproducts in drinking water for quality control purposes; An automated method has been developed for the characterization of VOC emissions from Polyurethane (PU) foams using the GERSTEL DHS Large Sampler. PU foam is widely used in building and vehicle interiors. We also paid a visit to the State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (LAVES) in the State of Lower Saxony, Germany, a highly respected laboratory. We wanted to find out how LAVES manages to show top performance in Europe-Wide round robin tests? Apart from excellent staff and a well-run quality control system, part of the answer lies in automation. The GERSTEL MPS helps with highly accurate generation of standards leading to improved quality of analysis results.

Finally, GERSTEL celebrates our 50th anniversary in 2017! We briefly report on our milestones in the magazine without getting distracted from our core objective: Delivering good solutions and good support and getting ourselves ready for the future. Hopefully you will enjoy reading the magazine. And maybe it will stir your interest in starting a conversation with our experts. We welcome your ideas and feedback.