01 July 2021 09:16

GERSTEL is setting the course for stronger growth

Dr. Sascha Giegold Ph.D. (44) has joined GERSTEL as Director of Sales and Marketing.

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03 July 2020 10:35

New AppNote: Pharmacokinetic study by DBS-LC-MS/MS

Study on Anticonvulsants employing HemaXis DB, a novel device for whole blood self-sampling, and the GERSTEL Dried Blood Spot Autosampler (DBS-A)

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19 May 2020 12:26

Online seminar: Mai 27, 2020 - 2:00 PM (CEST)

TED-GC/MS, Thermal Extraction and –Desorption combined with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, a novel technique for the determination of microplastics in water

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19 May 2020 09:30

Online seminar: Mai 19, 2020 11:00 AM (CEST)

MOSH/MOAH analysis based on LC-GC coupling and automated sample preparation with epoxidation and AlOx clean-up as well as efficient batch processing of data using a dedicated MOSH/MOAH Software.

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21 June 2018 08:39

Sequence by Barcode: Generating sequence tables from sample barcodes

Who wouldn’t love to have this feature: Generating sequence tables quickly and conveniently without effort. This is exactly what the option Sequence by Barcode on the GERSTEL MPS does.

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02 December 2016 16:04

Automated PU Foam emission monitoring using Micro-Scale Chambers

Fully automated micro-scale chamber material emission analysis of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is presented including test results and a comparison with method VDA 278 results

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14 September 2016 07:34

Application of a 2-dimensional RI Database to a Complex Hop Essential Oil

Aroma Office 2D is an integrated software for simultaneous processing of both retention index (RI) and mass spectral (MS) data for rapid and improved identification of flavor compounds.

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20 March 2015 09:14

New AppNote: LC/MS-Determination of glycosides in plant material

The automated workflow includes ultrasonic extraction of plant material and two filtration steps for subsequent LC/QTOF determination of glycosides

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05 December 2014 10:32

eSEMINAR Advances in Forensics & Toxicology

In collaboration with Separation Science, GERSTEL, AB SCIEX and Bruker have sponsored an online eSeminar covering key topics of analytical importance in the field of forensic toxicology.

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16 August 2013 08:03

Nota de aplicación nueva: Pesticides in Food by QuEChERS-DPX-LC/MS/MS

Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis Workflows for Pesticide Residue Screenings in Food Samples using DPX-QuEChERS with LC/MS/MS

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04 July 2013 14:00

GERSTEL Solutions worldwide magazine No. 13

We invite you to go on a voyage to laboratories across the globe that use GERSTEL solutions in their daily work, focusing on the application.

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24 April 2013 12:20

Vinagre de puras fresas

La Universidad de Sevilla innova en la industria alimentaria con el primer vinagre de fresas

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27 March 2013 12:45

New AppNote: Barbiturates and COOH-THC in Urine using DPX-LC/MS/MS

Determination of Barbiturates and COOH-THC in Urine using dispersive SPE (Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction; DPX) and LC-MS/MS

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19 November 2012 10:31

New AppNote: Comparison of EG-Silicone-SBSE & Derivatization-PDMS-SBSE

Phenolic compounds and off-flavors in tap water are analyzed by SBSE-TD-GC/MS using the EG-Silicone-Twister directly and the PDMS-Twister after derivatization

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13 November 2012 11:29

New AppNote: Analysis of Doping Substances in Equine Urine by DPX-GC/QQQ

A new fully automated dispersive SPE(DPX)-LVI-GC/QqQ method provides fast and reliable results combined with low limits of quantification from <0.1 to <10 ng/mL

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21 July 2011 12:03

Article in the press: Profiling whiskey using static and dynamic headspace

Efficient flavor profiling of beverages that contain involatile matrix using Headspace and Dynamic Headspace (DHS) coupled with GC/MS analysis

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28 June 2011 14:16

Nota de aplicación nueva: Pain Management Drugs by DPX-LC-MS/MS

Coupling DPX to LC-MS/MS provides rapid, just-in-time sample preparation for high throughput analysis, minimizing ion suppression and sample dilution for high sensitivity

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22 June 2011 15:30

Nota de aplicación nueva: Pesticides by automated QuEChERS-GC/MS

The ability to automate the dSPE clean-up of QuEChERS extracts and to couple extraction and clean-up directly to GC-MS analysis, results in improved laboratory productivity

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20 June 2011 10:56

Nota de aplicación nueva: Analysis of beverages using new Twister phases

Twisters with combined Ethylene Glycol(EG)/Silicone phase, Polyacrylate phase and standard PDMS phase were used to generate qualitative flavor profiles of different beverages

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20 May 2011 16:13

Nota de aplicación nueva: Automated Pyrolysis GC/MS using a new pyrolyzer

A novel pyrolyzer module is used for Pyrolysis-GC/MS analysis of polymer and sludge samples using different techniques including fractionated and sequential pyrolysis

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11 April 2011 16:35

Nota de aplicación nueva: Off-flavor compounds in Drinking Water

Dynamic Headspace coupled to 1D/2D GC/MS with simultaneous olfactory detection enables the determination of 2-Methylisoborneol, Geosmin and 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole in drinking water

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05 April 2011 12:02

GERSTEL Solutions worldwide magazine No. 11

We take you on an excursion through the world of chemical analysis to laboratories all over the globe that use GERSTEL solutions in their daily work, focusing on the application.

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14 January 2011 14:45

New AppNote: Analysis of PAHs in Seafood by QuEChERS-SBSE-GC-MS

To improve PAH determination in seafood in the context of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill a new QuEChERS-SBSE-GC-MS method was developed enhancing productivity and ease-of-use

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14 January 2011 14:44

GERSTEL on expansion course in Southeast Asia

In order to support a growing customer base in South East Asia in the fields of automated sample preparation for GC/MS and LC/MS, GERSTEL has founded a subsidary in Singapore.

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14 January 2011 14:44

GERSTEL Solutions Special Issue: Forensic Sciences and Toxicology

This special issue of the GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide Magazine is focused on solutions and applications in the field of forensic sciences and toxicology.

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14 January 2011 14:44

GERSTEL Solutions Magazine LC/MS Special Issue

The 2nd revised and expanded edition is now available: Efficient LC/MS trace analysis with Automated Sample Preparation

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14 January 2011 14:44

GERSTEL Seminar on LC/MS Sample Prep @ HPLC 2009

Topic: Improved detection limits and reproducibility in LC/MS determination of contaminants in food and environmental samples

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14 January 2011 14:44

Focus on Food Analysis - GERSTEL Solutions worldwide Magazine No. 9

The headline clearly states it: The main topic in the newly published GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide (GSW) magazine No. 9 is food analysis.

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14 January 2011 14:44

AppNote 11/2008 online

Analysis of Drugs and Metabolites in Blood and Urine using Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction and Large Volume Injection.

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