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Ciencias forenses

Nota de aplicación 225
Analysis of Forensic Samples by Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Nota de aplicación 224
Automated Calibration Standard Preparation using the MAESTRO Software Calibration Standard Wizard
Nota de aplicación 215
Automated Hydrolysis, Extraction and Analysis of Synthetic Cathinones in Urine using a Robotic Autosampler and LC-MS/MS Platform
Nota de aplicación 211
Pharmacokinetic study on carbamazepine and gabapentin employing HemaXis DB, a novel device for convenient whole blood self-sampling, and the GERSTEL Dried Blood Spot Autosampler (DBS-A) coupled online to LC-MS/MS
Nota de aplicación 199
Automated Hydrolysis, Extraction and Determination of Opioids in Urine using a Novel Robotic Autosampler and LC-MS/MS Platform
Nota de aplicación 192
Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluids: Automated SPE
Extraction and LC/MS/MS Determination using a
Robotic Autosampler
Nota de aplicación-2015-04
Automated Desorption, SPE Extraction, and LC/MS/MS Analysis of Dried Blood Spots
Nota de aplicación-2014-07
Automating Liquid-Liquid Extractions using a Bench-top Workstation
Nota de aplicación-2014-04
“Prep-and-Shoot”: The Completely Automated Workflow for the Hydrolysis and Analysis of Urine Samples by LC/MS/MS.
Nota de aplicación-2014-02 (español)*
Determinación completamente automatizada de Δ9-Tetrahidrocanabinol (THC) y sus metabolitos en muestras de suero
Nota de aplicación-2014-02
Fully Automated SPE-GC/MS Determination of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its Metabolites in Serum Samples
Nota de aplicación-2014-01
Automated Hydrolysis, DPX Extraction and LC/MS/MS Analysis of Pain Management Drugs from Urine
Nota de aplicación-2013-07 (español)*
Automatización exhaustiva del análisis por SPE-GC/MS de opioides, cocaína y metabolitos en suero y otras matrices
Nota de aplicación-2013-07
Comprehensive Automation of the SPE-GC/MS Analysis of Opioids, Cocaine and Metabolites from Serum and Other
Nota de aplicación-2013-02
A High Throughput Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis Workflow for Comprehensive Toxicology Urine Screenings using LC/MS/MS
Nota de aplicación-2013-01
Determination of Barbiturates and 11-Nor-9-carboxy-Δ9-THC in Urine using Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction (DPX) and LC/MS/MS
Nota de aplicación-2012-11
Fully Automated Analysis of Doping Substances in Equine Urine by Disposable Pipette Extraction (DPX) coupled to GC/QqQ-MS
Nota de aplicación-2012-08
Rapid Automated Extraction and Confi rmation of Buprenorphine and Norbuprenorphine in Urine by DPX-LC/MS/MS
Nota de aplicación-2012-01
Rapid Cleanup and Comprehensive Screening of Pain Management Drugs in Urine using Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction and LC-MS/MS
Nota de aplicación-2011-06
Determination of Pain Management Drugs using Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction and LC-MS/MS
Nota de aplicación-2009-07
Analysis of Drugs of Abuse using Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction and LC/MS/MS
Nota de aplicación-2009-06
Comprehensive Analysis of Drugs of Abuse in Blood and Urine with Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction and HPLC/MS/MS
Nota de aplicación-2009-03
Automation of Solid Phase Extraction Methods using a Robotic X-Y-Z Coordinate Autosampler with Software Control
Nota de aplicación-2008-11
Analysis of Drugs and Metabolites in Blood and Urine using Disposable Pipette Extraction
Nota de aplicación-2008-09
Automated Extraction, Derivatization an GC/MS Analysis of Tetrahydrocannabinol and Metabolites in Whole Blood Using Disposable Pipette Extraction
Nota de aplicación-2007-08
Rapid Multidimensional GC Analysis of Trace Drugs in Complex Matrices
Nota de aplicación-2007-02
Automated Solid Phase Microextraction using the GERSTEL MPS Prepstation and MAESTRO Software
Nota de aplicación-2006-11
Performance Evaluation of a Thermal Desorption System for Detection of Basic Drugs in Forensic Samples by GC/MS
Nota de aplicación-2006-05
Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction Based on Restricted Access Material for the Direct Extraction of Drugs and Metabolites in Biological Fluids 
Nota de aplicación-2005-06
Feasibility of Extraction and Quantitation of Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol in Body Fluids by Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) and GC/MS
Nota de aplicación-2005-01
Blood Alcohol Analysis Using an Automated Static Headspace Method