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Nota de aplicación 195
Automated Online Desorption and Analysis of DNPH Derivatives of Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, and Related Carbonyl Compounds using a New Robotic Autosampler
Nota de aplicación 194
Determination of Benzo[a]pyrene and Benz[a]anthracene in Coal Tar and Pitch Products by Automated SPE-GC/MS
Nota de aplicación-2013-04 (español)*
Extracción automatizada y determinación por GC/MS de ftalatos en juguetes
Nota de aplicación-2013-04
Automated Extraction and GC/MS Determination of Phthalates in Consumer Products
Nota de aplicación-2012-14
Thermal Gravimetric Analysis/Mass Spectrometry Simulation using the GERSTEL Automated Pyrolyzer
Nota de aplicación-2012-03 (español)*
Cribado automatizado y rápido de productos extraíbles de material de empaque para alimentos y para aplicaciones técnicas o médicas
Nota de aplicación-2012-03
Rapid Automated Screening of Extractable Compounds in Materials for Food Packaging, Medical or Technical Purposes
Nota de aplicación-2011-04
Versatile Automated Pyrolysis GC Combining a Filament Type Pyrolyzer with a Thermal Desorption Unit
Nota de aplicación-2008-08
A New Purge Tool for Use with Automated Headspace Analysis
Nota de aplicación-2008-02
Direct Thermal Extraction with Automated Liquid Calibration for the Quantification of Analytes in Solid Matrices
Nota de aplicación-2007-03
Headspace Sampling Unit Combined with a Metal Oxide Sensor or Standard Detectors for Quantification of VOC Emissions from Beverage Cans or Other Packaging Materials
Nota de aplicación-2005-07
Detection of Packaging Emissions using a Flexible Headspace Sampler Combined with a Multi Sensor System and a Separation Unit 
Nota de aplicación-2005-02
Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples 
Nota de aplicación-2004-06
Thermal Desorption GC Analysis of High Boiling, High Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons 
Nota de aplicación-2004-05
Efficient Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples using Low Thermal Mass Column Modules
Nota de aplicación-2004-02
Analysis of Packaging Materials using a Mass Spectral Based Chemical Sensor
Nota de aplicación-2000-06
Comparison of the Sensitivity of Static Headspace GC, Solid Phase Microextraction, and Direct Thermal Extraction for Analysis of Volatiles in Solid Matrices 
Nota de aplicación-1994-02
Direct Thermal Analysis of Solids - A Fast Method for the Determination of Halogenated Phenols and Anisols in Cork
Nota de aplicación-1994-01
Design, Performance and Applicability of a Multi-Functional Thermal Desorption System for Trace Analysis in Capillary GC
Nota de aplicación-1993-01
Applications of Multi Column Switching Capillary GC-MS in Identification of Trace Impurities in Industrial Products